Product Management

Inefficient feedback is slowing your team down.

With iterspace you can ship faster and keep everyone happy.

Empower engineers with accurate reports.
Fix bugs faster.

You've noticed a bug, and want to report it to the DEV team. 
Texting the steps to reproduce it and copy-pasting from the console is time consuming and inefficient.

With iterspace, you can forget the back-and-forth and get a fully detailed, sharable session.

Including the logs, events, and insights required to fix the bug that was driving your team crazy.

Share contextual feedback with designers.
Iterate with confidence.

You want to suggest a copy change and give accurate feedback on the new design.
You take a few screenshots and hope they're clear enough to get your point across. They're not.
You decide to schedule a call, but everyone seems busy.

No matter how complex your new design flow is.

With iterspace you can record it and drop accurate feedback in context.
It's better than emails and faster than meetings.
Your designers will love it.

I can finally share contextual feedback with my distributed team in no time. Recording the actual user experience with the extension is so quick!

Leonardo Federico
| Product @Pulse.

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