Iterspace Extension

Chrome extension issue: how to fix it and all the support you need

We're experiencing some issues with our extension and the latest Chrome API

Is your video not saved correctly when recording with the Chrome extension?
Try this fix. ⚙️

We’ve received many reports on recording issues with our Chrome extension: this issue only concerns the Full Screen functionality, not the Tab Sharing or the Window Sharing options.

At this moment we're still working on a definitive solution and we are confident that a new version of the extension will be released on the store pretty soon.

In the meantime, we figured out a way to continue using our extension, recording videos and sharing feedback with Iterspace.

Screenshot of installed extension

What is the cause of this issue

After Chrome updated some APIs related to the Screen Recording, we realized our extension couldn’t support them anymore.
We’ll release a new version of our extension to solve this issue once for all.

How to fix it

Follow these steps to download and install the fix to our extension. It’s a temporary fix before the official release of the new extension.

1. Download the fixed extension by clicking on the following button:


2. Open Chrome

3. Go to “Settings”, then select "Extensions"

4. In the “Extensions” page, enable "Developer mode" toggle on the top-right corner of the page

5. Drag & Drop the downloaded file into this page

6. When you see the new extension, enable it in order to use it

7. Remember to disable/delete the old Iterspace extension to avoid confusion

You should now be able to record and save your videos successfully.