Gathering accurate feedback shouldn't drive you crazy.

With iterspace, you can cut approval times in half and focus on design.

Ensure everyone is on the same page.
Share contextual feedback in seconds.

Your new design went live.
The team started a thread and waits for your approval.

15 attachments later, the product manager says it's better to discuss in a meeting. Nobody wants to be in that meeting.

With iterspace, you can easily record the screen while playing with your design.
If something doesn't feel right, click and comment to add feedback.

Boost designers ↔ developers collaboration.
Ship better products.

Don't let the details you designed with love get lost in development.

Using the wrong tools to report issues can be painful for everyone.

With iterspace, technical insights are collected automatically in the console to give developers extra context — zero effort required.

I simply love how iterspace helps me get my point across. No more screenshots, emails or chats to collect and share design feedback. Can't wait to try the Jira integration!

Marina Mangiat
| Senior UX Designer @talentry

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