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UNGUESS - be smart from the start

The origins

Iterspace was born as a project by the fantastic duo of Marco Zani, designer, and Luca Restagno, software engineer.

Marco Zani


Luca Restagno


Their mission was to empower product teams by making feedback cycles fast, accurate, and accessible to everyone.

Marco and Luca built a product that allows you to record asynchronous sessions with contextual comments and technical data collected automagically from your browser to get this mission accomplished.

These features alone made Iterspace a remarkable tool.

The evolution

But the real magic happened when the passionate UNGUESS CEO & founder Luca Manara met Luca and Marco.

The more they talked, the more obvious it became that empowering Iterspace users with the potential of UNGUESS's experience in collecting real people’s feedback would be a huge win for everyone.

Validating products and collecting real insights directly from Iterspace will bring enormous value to the agile and collaborative experience Iterspace and UNGUESS product teams initially strived to build since day one.

UNGUESS mission

UNGUESS is the tech-platform to bring collective wisdom in your decision making processes, at speed and at any time needed.