We've been acquired by AppQuality

Chapter 01.

When we set out to build iterspace in our spare time, we were obsessed with one thing: empowering product teams by making feedback cycles fast, accurate, and accessible to everyone.

We tried different solutions along the way, from an Electron app for desktops to an extra light recorder built with the MediaStream APIs.

None of the solutions we tried seemed to provide the quick and delightful experience we were striving for.

And then came the idea that changed everything.

Being able to record asynchronous sessions with contextual comments and technical data collected automagically from your browser was exactly what we had to build to accomplish our goals.

And so we did.

Chapter 02.

Not long passed until we met an extremely passionate CEO & founder, Luca Manara.

The more we talked, the more obvious it became that empowering our users with the potential of AppQuality's experience in collecting real people’s feedback would be a huge win for everyone.

Validating products and collecting real insights directly from iterspace will bring enormous value to the agile and collaborative experience we've strived to build since day 1.

That's why we're beyond excited to announce that iterspace has been acquired by AppQuality.

We had an amazing ride, and we can't wait to see what's next.


Marco Zani


Luca Restagno